mars 2023

In English !

With the incredibly increasing number of our non-French-speaking friends, we thought that it was quite unfair to give them our blog’s address and write only in French. Therefore, we have decided to share our adventures also in English with ‘summarised’ articles at more or less regular intervals. Our Norwegian, Swedish, Danish, Kiwi, Australian, English, Canadian, etc… friends will then be able to read some news from Schnaps and her crew from time to time … and our families to improve their English !

Moreover, it will be a good opportunity for us to practice our English writing before our arrival in New-Zealand in a few months ! Do not hesitate to (nicely !) tell us if you see some – even tiny – mistakes in our articles !

To read all the articles that we have published in English, they are all in this category.

To subscribe to the English articles RSS feeds, you can follow this link.

To subscribe to the English articles e-mail notifications, just register here.

Hope you’ll enjoy it !

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1 comment to In English !

  • Wonderful to get your lovely card some time ago and to catch upon your trip !. If you will be near Tauranga, let me know ; I made a friend who lives there, when I sailed in there on Hansa Visby Freighter. Greetings from Naples where I am ‘walkabout’.

    Did you find work yet ?


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